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Elephant Behavior

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Oh, the stress of it all… Tanya explains

I’ve never been to Africa before, so stepping off of a tiny plane in the middle of the Okavango Delta absolutely astounded me. On the brief ride to the research camp…

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The “Hot Boys” are Back

Could the rising temperatures of climate change be affecting elephants’ choice of habitat and possibly their daily movements?

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The Bushmen call it Mongongo

The Bushmen of the Kalahari call it the Mongongo.. observations noted with pleasure, are areas where the diminishing Mongongo Tree has managed to survive, flourish and are in full, glorious bloom.

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Anticipating Rain… Pula!

One cannot ignore the immediate urgency of the relentless anticipation of waiting for the rains… If it is quite intolerable for us people, it’s hard to imagine how it must be for the wildlife in some regions… recently flying and observing the herds and movements of the various species have given us opportunity to witness their response and reactions to the environmental conditions.

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The elephants are moving, and with one surprise!

After long and hesitant stays… the elephants have finally begun to make their seasonal movements

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Elephants mourn the loss of a young bull

whole herds of elephants surrounded, circled and examined the body… one can almost understand the sorrow and anguish they look to be feeling.

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Night in Nogatsaa

There is nothing like sleeping in the fresh Africa air, without a tent. The smells and sounds are intoxicating!

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Elephants get “cozy” in the Winter

Most people think of Springtime as the time for “love”, but perhaps for some wildlife, it is the crisp chill of Winter that arouses the desire to warm up and get cozy… the chances of potentially witnessing a mating with one of our collared elephants was unbelievable

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