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Re-introduced Abu Camp Elephant, Gika, has her first calf in the wild!

Over the years, the elephant programme has sensibly and delicately reintroduced eight African elephants into the Okavango Delta

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He said if we could secure large tracts of habitat for elephants and promote the ideal that communities could mutually benefit living with wildlife, then we would be securing a healthy environment for all: elephants, wildlife and people.

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A new calf! Shireni Gives Birth at Abu Camp

Elephant “Shireni” gave birth calf to a healthy female, “Warona” the SeTswana name meaning ‘For Us’ at 22:05 on the 17th December. This happy moment overlaps with an ambitious new programme which is devoted to the highest standards in elephant welfare, scientific research and meaningful guest experiences.

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Aerial Survey Presentation held in Maun

This event was to be the first presentation given in a line of others, as EWB disseminates the survey and analysis results publicly in order to provide vital information on trends of wildlife populations and the issues which have influenced their trends

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A successful night of homage to Nathan

There was a good vibe and everyone was laughing. We were going to have a minute’s silence but decided to have a minute’s noise instead. Nathan was the ‘life of the party’ kind of guy,”

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World Wetland’s Day in Kasane

Wetlands are important as they deliver significant ecosystem services, are cradles of biological diversity, and support populations of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

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Unity among catastrophes

We, meaning all of us that inhabit the earth, are here living, sharing this planet, with all its perfect beauty, imperfections, imbalances and disasters, whether they be man-made or nature’s fury. The elephants knew this.

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International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium

The program was attended by nearly 90 delegates representing 19 countries from around the world, a diversified range of elephant related vocations from non-profit organizations, zoological organizations, universities and independent entities.

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Holiday Season in Botswana

The Holiday season in Botswana… is a haven and paradise, as the landscape has virtually transformed from dry, infertile desert to robust, lush, productive, green forests and farms.

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Post-monitoring Elephants released in Hwange Nat’l Park, Zimbabwe

It was agreed that the remaining 9 elephants would be translocated and released back into the wild… Elephants Without Borders was approached to offer advice and to discuss the possibility of helping on the post-monitoring program of the herd. EWB suggested that satellite collars

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