Scientific Publications

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Read more about the research, here:

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Read more about the massive initiative here:

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Download PDF

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Download PDF (627 KB)

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Download PDF (377 KB)

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Download PDF (299 KB)

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Download PDF (2.1 MB)

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Download PDF (897 KB)

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Download PDF (2.9 MB)

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Download PDF (176 KB)

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Download PDF (246 KB)

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Download PDF (233 KB)

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Download PDF (4.8 MB)

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Download PDF (135 KB)

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Download PDF (515kb)

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Download PDF (541kb)

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Download PDF (270kb)

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Zambezi Traveller Issue 7
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Setting the Record Straight, When Science Counts Count! Prof. Rudi van Aarde Nov 2011.
SAWMA Matters – newsletter of the Southern African Wildlife Management Association
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The Common Grounds of Elephants & Humans Kelly Landen Sep. 2011. Zambezi Traveller Issue 6
Download PDF (229kb)

The Wonder of Elephants Don Pinnock Sep 2011
Getaway Magazine, courtesy of Getaway Magazine, to purchase a full issue, please contact
Download PDF (617kb)

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Africa Geographic, Vol.19 No.7. Download PDF (1.1MB) courtesy of Africa Geographic, to purchase a full issue, please contact or email:
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Chobe is Botswana’s Wildlife Stronghold Kelly Landen June 2011. Zambezi Traveller
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Download PDF (127kb)

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Download PDF (545kb)

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Download PDF (2.8 MB)

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Download PDF (5.7 mb)

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(1.2 mb)

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(131 kb)

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(671 kb)
Africa Geographic, Vol.16 No.5. PDF courtesy of Africa Geographic, to
purchase a full issue, please contact
or email:

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(187 kb)

Beyond Borders: Research and Conservation with Elephants Without Borders: Progress Report, April 2010 featuring the Elephant Conservation and Community Outreach Farming Project  Download PDF (1.8 MB low quality)
Download PDF (6.5 MB high quality)

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(5 MB)

Elephant Social Dynamics, Spatial Ecology and Human Elephant Conflict in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Kalahari Ecosystems, Chase, M., August 09,
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