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Analysis of largest elephant surveys ever shows stable population, but disturbing trends, April 2024

KAZA elephants – New analysis adds vital details, April 2024

Human-elephant co-existence project bears fruit for Chobe. March 2023

Putting elephants on the map-exploring connectivity in southern Africa, February 2023 

HEC and the global stage: Being Adaptable is key because then you can win. November 2022

Coexistence not conflict jumbo lessons from Botswana. November 2022

Conversation Cup of tea: Podcast interview, Dilmah with Mr Dilhan Fernando. December, 2022

Mapping a future and sustainable pathways for southern Africa’s wild elephants, November 2022

Is it possible to reconnect elephant populations viably in southern Africa? Oct. 2022

Elephants that creep in the dark-how elephants distinguish between human activities, Sep 2022, Africa Geographic:

More than 150 endangered vultures poisoned in South Africa, Botswana August 2022

City life or farm life? When elephants adapt to different human development. July 2022, Newswise

Land use changes affect elephant movement. July 2022

World Elephant Day: How are the pachyderms doing in Africa? August 2021

The 2020 Elephant die off  in Botswana, 2021 

Mine Clearances allow elephants to return home to Angola. November 2020 to-return-home-to-angola-fsqfkvx99 Download PDF

Botswana wants Angola’s exiled elephants to return home. November 2020 angola-s-exiled-elephants-to-return-home

Botswana to repatriate elephants to Angola. November 2020 angola-reduce-overpopulation

Botswana farmers use sensory toolkit to drive away elephants. November 2020 use-sensory-toolkit-drive-away-elephants-4499186

Disco lights deployed as new defence against Botswana’s crop-raiding elephants. July 2020

An ingenious way to stop elephants destroying farmers’ land. July 2020

Disco lights keep elephants away from farmland in Botswana. July 2020

Boogie off: disco lights tell elephants to stay away. July 2020

Botswana reports mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephants, Jun/Jul 2020 (some of the articles below)

Terrorised calf finds a home in elephant refuge. January 2020

Poachers are invading Botswana, last refuge of African elephants. July 2019

How strong is Africa’s last elephant stronghold? June 2019

500 Vultures Killed in Botswana by Poachers’ Poison, Government Says. June 2019

Catastrophic breaking news: 537 vultures found poisoned in dark day for Botswana conservation. June 2019

Critically endangered vultures poisoned en masse in Botswana. June 2019

Botswana has an elephant poaching, problem, not an overpopulation problem, June 2019

Trouble in Botswana’s elephant paradise as poaching said to rise, March 2019

Botswana has ‘significant elephant-poaching problem,’ conservation group says, February 2019

Mother hippo may be grieving dead baby in new video.

Angola launches new wildlife protections to curb poaching. September 2018.

Poachers turn Okavango into elephant graveyard. September 2018 Download PDF 

Poaching “Ivory Tower” discovered in Okavango delta. August 2018 Download PDF 

How many elephants are there in Botswana? July 2018  Download PDF

Wild Elephants sleep Just 2 hours a day, puzzling scientists in UCLA study, March 2017,

The ultimate power nap: Researchers use ‘Fitbits’ to track elephant sleep in the wild, March 2017,

Why it’s so important to understand how elephants sleep. March 2017,

Great Elephant Census, in the News:

BBC News, Why Elephants are seeking refuge in Botswana (article and videos),

CNN International News, Our Living Dinosaurs (article and videos)

Counting Africa’s beleagured: Massive two-year survey census finds alarming declines.

National Geogrpahic, Exclusive: This is Africa’s New Elephant Poaching Hot Spot. July 2016 


National Geographic

Washington Post

Daily Mail

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The Guardian


Microsoft philanthropist Paul Allen to fund Africa-wide elephant survey.

Africa’s first aerial elephant census to capture falling numbers.

Why did the elephant cross the road? To avoid the drunks , T. Kermeliotis and A. Harris, Inside Africa, Jan. 2014
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Southern African Elephant Corridors Blocked by Poachers, D. Pinnock, Daily Maverick, Jan. 2014
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Silence the Guns, Sunday Standard online edition, Dec. 2013
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Botswana’s Wildlife Crisis, J. Gifford, Geographical, the official magazine for the Royal Geographic Society, Sep 2013
Download PDF (2.1 MB)

Zebras Without Borders, K. Landen, Africa Geographic May 2013
Download PDF (897 KB)

Ivory Apocalypse, T. Jackson, Africa Geographic Apr 2013
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Zebra Surprise, J. Hanks, Africa Geographic, Mar 2013
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Findings Reveal Critical Wildlife Corridors, K. Landen, Zambezi Traveller, Vol 1, Issue 12, Mar 2013
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Giraffe Whys, A. Tutchings, Africa Geographic, Feb 2013
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Conservation Flying High in Botswana, San Diego Zoo Global, ZooNooz Sep 2012
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Elephants on the Move, I. Michler, Africa Geographic Sep 2012
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Research Without Borders, A. Tutchings, Zambezi Traveller, Vol 1, Issue 11, Sep 2012 Download PDF (315 KB)

Ambassador at Large, Kelly Landen, June 2012. Zambezi Traveller Issue 9,
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Wanted! Have you seen this Bird?, Peter Roberts, June 2012. Zambezi Traveller Issue 9, Download PDF (106kb)

Africa’s Ambitious Experiment to Preserve Threatened Wildlife, Caroline Fraser, May 2012, Environment 360, Yale University
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Pachyderm Cooling Strategies Kelly Landen Dec 2011.
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Setting the Record Straight, When Science Counts Count! Prof. Rudi van Aarde Nov 2011.
SAWMA Matters – newsletter of the Southern African Wildlife Management Association
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The Wonder of Elephants Don Pinnock Sep 2011
Getaway Magazine, courtesy of Getaway Magazine, to purchase a full issue, please contact
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A View From The Top Mike Chase & Kelly Landen Aug 2011.
Africa Geographic, Vol.19 No.7. Download PDF (1.1MB) courtesy of Africa Geographic, to purchase a full issue, please contact or email:
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Chobe is Botswana’s Wildlife Stronghold Kelly Landen June 2011. Zambezi Traveller
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Drought and Poachers take Botswana’s natural wonder to brink of catastrophe David Smith June 2011. Guardian UK
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Okavango wildlife threatened Don Pinnock June 2011. Mail & Guardian
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Leading By Example Linda Pfotenhauer. 2011. Peolwane, Gaborone, Botswana.
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Conservation Without Borders Kelly Landen, May 2010.ZooNooz, San Diego Zoo
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Long walk to freedom as elephants trek to Angola. Leon Marshall. 2008.
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Beyond Borders: Research and Conservation with Elephants Without Borders: Progress Report, April 2010 featuring the Elephant Conservation and Community Outreach Farming Project  Download PDF (1.8 MB low quality)
Download PDF (6.5 MB high quality)

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Elephant Social Dynamics, Spatial Ecology and Human Elephant Conflict in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Kalahari Ecosystems, Chase, M., August 09,
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