Education & Outreach

Empowerment through Education

Environmental education connects us to the world around us. Education improves personal lives, and creates tolerance by understanding. When people benefit, community support for conservation of wildlife and the environment increases. EWB works closely with local communities, schools and other institutions to help people develop a deeper connection to wildlife, the environment and the conservation of both.

EWB’s Environmental Education program collaborates with the Ministry of Basic Education Chobe District Education office, Botswana’s Department of Wildlife & National Parks, NGOs, and other stakeholders sharing environmental education lessons, presentations, activities & experiences, and creating valuable materials for students and the community. We make learning fun by taking education out of the classroom for learners to enjoy and explore the environment that surrounds us! Also, visit our Living with Wildlife page.

EWB Guide Lecture Series

EWB’s Guide Lecture series is based on nearly twenty years of EWB’s research, experiences, methodologies, scientific publications and outcomes. The lectures focus on the “science” of our work, topics include Elephant, Herbivore and other species population trends, distributions, movements and research in Botswana, Aerial Surveys methodology and results (from the Continental status of the Great Elephant Census, KAZA, Botswana, down to the District level in Botswana), the Human/Elephant interface conflict and co-existence and EWB’s broader programs in conservation and community projects. 

Safety Living with Wildlife Workshops, see EWB’s Coexistence page

Chobe Nature and Culture: to inspire a culture of caring for our natural world, see initiative

Elephant Education

EWB’s elephant education program at the Elephant orphanage offered access for students to learn about elephants, general elephant behavior, biology, conservation and safety measures when encountering them. They were also given the opportunity to visit the orphaned elephants at EWB’s Intensive Care Unit, providing visitors with an intimate experience to observe, touch, learn and appreciate elephants.

Children’s Books

We are proud to be working with the Green Kids Club, to produce books for Botswana’s young and children around the World. Green Kids Club’s books teach children the importance of endangered wildlife, the environment and protecting habitats to sustain ecosystems, animal life and ultimately human life. Two of our co-authored books have been translated into Setswana, which also makes them wonderful language learning tools. See all the books available and where to order here! 

Community Outreach and Events

2020 As the Covid pandemic swept around the World, Botswana closed its borders under a State of the Emergency, went into “lock-down”, peoples’ lives disrupted and livelihoods were lost. EWB responded within restrictive limitations by supporting Chobe’s local communities, providing masks, food hampers, warm clothing and necessities to many of those in need, including the farming communities in the Chobe Enclave, the volunteer health-care workers of the Red Cross and Kasane’s vulnerable children of Bana ba Ditlou.

2020 EWB’s World Wildlife Day was held on March 7 at Liswaani Junior School with students from 7 different schools, using this year’s theme “Sustaining All Life on Earth.”The event’s focus was on how connected and dependent all species are to one another and how vital the survival of one species can be to another and the environment, as a whole, including humans.

2019 EWB’s World Wildlife Day, March 2: This year’s WWD focused on “Marine Life”. Along the banks of the Chobe River, local students gathered for a fun activity day, learning about aquatic life in Chobe’s river system, frog races, magnetic fishing and a great lesson on Ocean creatures by Officer Bakani of the Dept. Of Wildlife & National Parks; hosted by EWB with assistance from the Ministry of Basic Education Chobe Regional office, the Dept. of Wildlife & National Parks and teachers from Chobe District schools.

EWB”s World Environment Day, June 5: The international WED theme was “airpollution”, thus we chose to focus on the importance of trees, as “lungs of our environment”. Trees filter and create clean air for us to breathe. Other topics included were healthy breathing,  bush fires, and the importance of elephants as ecosystem engineers and seed dispersers. The main event was a seed planting activity to grow indigenous trees. EWB hosted  over 100 participating learners from 8 educational facilities. Such a beautiful day to hold the event under the big trees along the Chobe river! Thank you to Dept. of Forestry and Range Resources, our special guest speakers. 

2019 Sponsored events:

• March 14, participated and donated to “1 Billion Rising, calling for an end to domestic violence”a march and event, Kazangula
• March 28, Joined Kazangula’s VET Poverty Eradication activity focused on assisting a selected family in need with labour and contributions, Kazangula
• Sponsorship of soccer team kit for Kazangula’s Cross Border Social Club
• June 14, Participated and donated at the Day of the African Child, “Humanitarian Actions in Africa: Children’s Rights First”, Kazangula
• August 10-12, Helped sponsor Chobe District Botswana Games selection camp, in preparation for December’s “Botswana Games”
• Sep 7, Partnered with Birds Life Botswana, Kalahari Research & Conservation and other organizations to sponsor International Vulture Awareness Day event, Gaborone
• Sep 16, Contributed prizes to the Chobe Regional Excellence Awards ceremony, Mabele, where students across the District are recognized for their exceptional performance in various academic areas.

 2018, we were a proud sponsor of the Association of Environmental Clubs of Botswana’s National Rally, themed “Connecting People to Nature: Students are Key to Sustainable Education.” where 216 students from across Botswana competed on the theme through, essays, poetry, crafts, public speaking, quizzes and a fashion show modeling clothing made from recycled materials! In addition, EWB is proud to help sponsor the Chobe District schools registration to partake in the Association of Environmental Clubs of Botswana (AECB).

Independence Celebrations 2018: sponsored Ikuhane Hope Centre, Mabele village Independence celebration feast and contributed and participated at the Kazangula Independence Day Celebration festivities.

We also were pleased to contribute to support Botswana’s team to participate in 2018’s African Spelling Bee.

 The Walk for Eco-literacy: in 2017, EWB teamed up with the Botswana Ministry of Education and the Ducere Foundation on a campaign expedition of 240 km across Chobe District, from the villages of Parakarungu to Pandamatenga, to raise awareness on environmental issues that affect the region. En route, we visited each village Kgotla, were met by the Kgosis and community members, while we presented on the issues, placing importance on the need for increasing environmental educational. The team provided a gift to each village, a sign to be erected at the village Kgotla as a reminder to all to care for our environment, and especially to empower today’s youth, as our future leaders.

2016, EWB was proud to have helped organize and host “Chobe Regional Bot 50 Environmental Education & Sustainable Development Fair 2016.” All 14 schools within Chobe District participated holding competitions within and between the schools. Teachers in every school provided lessons on environmental issues and responsibilities and the students showed their creativity to express lessons they had learned. Special guest, award-winning children’s books author, Sylvia Medina, presented a book written especially for Botswana focused on “bush fires.”  Read more about the Children’s books…

We Are Proud of our Wildlife Heritage Parade

Every year, people march in over 150+ cities throughout the world as one voice to show their  support for wildlife conservation, taking part of the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions.

Considering, Chobe is revered as the  “elephant mecca” on the African Continent, EWB is proud to host the parade in Kasane. Our theme “We are proud of our Natural Heritage” showcases and demonstrate to the International community, that we in the district are proud of Botswana’s conservation successes.

The annual parade is fun and free to the community, which  aims to raise awareness, involving school groups, the local communities, the Dept. of Wildlife & National Parks, the Botswana Defense Force, Law-enforcement agencies, Regional government departments, the private & business sector and all that want to participate. It finishes with a celebration of entertainment, key-note speeches, refreshments and a raffle of prizes donated from the tourism sect, game drives, boat cruises, dining tickets and free accommodation at lodges, all for the community members.