Children’s Books

In line with our environmental education programs, EWB's co-founder, Kelly Landen collaborated with Sylvia Medina, founder of the Green Kids Club, to produce books for Botswana’s young and children around the World. Green Kids Club's books teach children the importance of endangered wildlife, the environment and protecting habitats to sustain ecosystems, animal life and ultimately human life. Two of the co-authored books have been translated into Setswana, which also makes them wonderful language learning tools. The Setswana/English versions can be attained by contacting EWB +267 77767650. In USA, options in both hard and soft copies are available online at:

Lili, the Brave Bee's Flight for a New Home

The bees are in trouble! A new farmer is using pesticides to kill weeds, but it is also killing bees. With her pollinator friends, soldier bees, a bat and butterfly, Princess Lili sets out on an adventure to find her colony a new, safe home. The story brings light to the danger of humans' use of poisons that kill wildlife, the importance of bees and other pollinators to the environment, our food and people. Featuring a vibrant science section on conservation of pollinators. Beautiful illustrations by Andreas Wessel-Therhorn. Order Lili the Brave Bee, today! 

Learning About Elephants with Molelo and Friends

Learning About Elephants will introduce you to elephant facts, a fun way to learn all about elephants from people that take care of elephants every day and the elephants themselves.

How do elephants eat? What are their bodies like? How do they talk with each other? How can we help elephants? It is full of interesting facts, fun illustrations and detailed photographs of the elephants in Botswana, explaining the special place elephants have in our world.


Molelo, the Fire Elephant

 Molelo, the Fire Elephant is based on a true story of Molelo, at 2 months of age, was found in a bush fire and now under EWB’s care at the Elephant Orphanage. The story delights and engages young readers with an entertaining mix of warmth, humor and meaningful subject matter. Together, they deliver an enjoyable adventure that doesn’t shy away from emotional ups and downs. Towards the back, readers get to see the true story and photos of the real Molelo! The book is a”Tillywig Award Winner 2019!”


The African Bush Fire & the Elephant

The African Bush Fire and the Elephant a story to sensitize children on the threat of wildfires and that can get out of hand, destroy wildlife's homes, which in turn leaves them searching for food and water. The book is to foster a positive message about the considerations of wildlife and to prevent forest fires. It finishes with a science section of facts about bush fires in Africa. It is written in both English and Setswana for the children of Botswana. Hundreds of the English/Setswana copies have been donated to Botswana’s schools and environmental clubs. Awarded in the 100 Best Dr. Toy’s Award!


Elee and the Shining Star

“Momma, what happens if all the water goes away?” a worried Elee asks her mother. “You must follow the Big Shining Star,” her mother replies. Baby Elee soon finds she must follow her mother’s instructions – on her own – until she meets her friend Kubu and some other brave little animals. Follow them on their journey to the great waterhole. Can Elee be brave as she leads her friends across the savannah, where menacing hyenas await?” Will the baby animals ever find their mothers, and the life-giving water they so need? 


The Elephant and the King

The Elephant and the King, the Green Kids, Maya and Victor, go visit their friend Maatla in Botswana, Africa. While they are there they encounter bad men (poachers) who have captured a mother elephant. The kids, a huge Lion , the village Chief, and all the animals swoop in and help save her from almost losing her tusks. It is a heroic story that helps sensitize young readers of a difficult subject in illegal wildlife issues.