It is through kind and generous support that Elephants Without Borders continues to make a difference in our conservation efforts for elephants, wildlife, their habitat and the people that share their environment.

With heartfelt appreciation, we would like to acknowledge and send a warm "Trunks Up Salute of Thanks!" to our 2019  donors, partners and institutions which have been instrumental in allowing us to continue with our important projects!

Special Thank you

The Walt Disney Company
Anne E Wilmshurst
Thomas C. Bishop Charitable Fund
Candis Stern
Damien Foundation
The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee
The Seattle Foundation
Smith Family Charitable Fund
Ken & Beth Molasky Cornell
The Molasky Family
Sylvia Medina

Mr. W. Grant Williams III
The Sayers Foundation
Drs. Bhattacharya
Brett & Kate Warren
Linda & Bob Bradley
Chuck & Judy Wheatley
Mitra Fattahipour
R.Docters & N.Lothro
Julie Foster
J. Lieb & D. Reynolds
Melody McWilliams
Andrew & Ann Reid
Severine Wider
Francois Chirmberro


EWB Thank you!