Education & Outreach

Environmental education helps to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to make informed, responsible decisions about the natural world that surrounds them. EWB is helping students & people to develop a deeper understanding of wildlife/elephants, nature & the environment for a sustainable future. Read more... 

Living with Wildlife

EWB is dedicated to helping people share the landscape with wildlife. By working together, problems can be converted into solutions to conserve wildlife populations while simultaneously improving people’s lives.  Read more….

Foster a Forest

Trees beautify the landscape, purify the air, produce oxygen, reduce soil erosion, provide food, protection, shade and homes for wildlife! We and our environment simply would not be sustainable without trees. As bush fires, development and climate change negatively effect our forests... Read more….

Children's Books

Today’s children are the future for our planet. To supplement our environmental education program, EWB is proud to be producing materials to help connect children to their environment, elephants and wildlife. Read more…