Elephant Orphanage

Elephants Without Borders is proud to have rescued orphaned elephant calves and developed the first facility in Botswana dedicated to the rescue, care and reintroduction of African elephants. Every elephant life matters, when their abandonment is due to human induced incidences, it cannot be ignored. EWB's Elephant Sanctuary provided Hope and was a safe haven for baby orphaned elephant calves, acting as a ‘halfway house’ where they were rehabilitated and are now preparing to be re-introduced back into the wild. 

We have moved the orphans to the Okavango delta to a new area for the next phase of their rehabilitation. They had grown old enough to be weaned from milk and are now weaned from human care. This next phase, they are now adapting to be elephants in the wild (under careful watch) before they are finally released. They are not where others can view or watch or visit them. It is a necessity for their rehabilitation. We are proud that they are doing well during this process. 

Unfortunately, we will not be opening the doors of the orphanage again.The Botswana government sought to not support it, so it is not possible without their cooperation.

Please enjoy this video of the orphans move to the new site: EWB Elephant Orphans Relocation 2022 Final

Meet the Calves

Baby elephant calves are extremely vulnerable and emotional animals that require special and significant care when they are abandoned. When they arrive at the Intensive Care Unit they are in critical condition; be it from bush fire burns, dehydration, or malnourishment, needing the nutrition and care their mother's would provide. With Hope and our dedicated, expert team, in our care, the orphans are provided with a second chance at life. Read more... 

Meet the Caretakers

We are proud of the excellent team and elephant caretakers we have assembled from the communities of Botswana. The Intensive Care Unit in Kasane and Elephant Orphanage is aimed at providing employment opportunities to Botswana’s youth, training them in a variety of skills in conservation, elephant welfare, wildlife husbandry and tourism hospitality. Read more….

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village to raise a child, or… an elephant! An ancient proverb that holds true within African cultures, which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting in order for a child to experience and grow in a safe environment. At the Sanctuary, this holds true for the elephant calves. Our "village" has many people that are needed and contribute to ensure the success of the elephants’ rehabilitation and placement back into the wild lands of Botswana. Read more...