It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village to raise a child, or… an elephant! An ancient proverb that holds true within African cultures, which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting in order for a child to experience and grow in a safe environment. At the Sanctuary, this holds true for the elephant calves. Our "village" has many people that are needed and contribute to ensure the success of the elephants’ rehabilitation and placement back into the wild lands of Botswana. Botswana is being recognized internationally as the world’s leader in elephant conservation and advocacy. Here, statesmen also understand that our natural treasures provide a source of sustainable income for its people, well in to the future.

Aside from our brilliant team of Caretakers, these are our key allies… 

Botswana Government

Honourable Minister Tshekedi Khama, DWNP Director Tiroyamodimo and government representatives visit the orphans


First and foremost, the program could not exist without the approval and support of the Government of Botswana. Recognizing that elephants and wildlife need our help more than ever, the Government of Botswana and Elephants Without Borders have embarked on a bold new partnership and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Wildlife & National Parks to create Botswana’s first and only Elephant Sanctuary. Also, in June 2017, Botswana’s political leaders passed a Cabinet Resolution that granted permission for the Sanctuary to be built in Chobe National Park. 

Veterinary Team

Nothing can substitute experience. We have assembled a team of some of the most skilled and experienced veterinarians that specialize in rearing young elephants and wildlife rehabilitation. Each vet brings their own unique skill of expertise, whether it be dietary or critical care, and together, provide for the best welfare for the orphans well-being. We also have a strong rapport and open dialogues from specialists around the world in elephant welfare. And, our EWB team has previously released and post-monitored the success of rehabilitated elephants within the country. All of which adds vital experience to a successful program. 

Rapid Response Team

Time is urgent and response time is critical when a calf is found. Always on call, our team is ready to act swiftly to attend elephant abandonment and wildlife rescue. A2-EWB is the call sign of EWB’s Cessna 206, which can reach far corners of the country within hours. Our volunteer bush pilots are the best in the business with many years of experience flying for wildlife projects. We have dedicated emergency response vehicles equipped to transport elephants safely to the Intensive Care Facility in Kasane. 

The Community

We rely on the Community to alert and contact us when they see abandoned baby elephants that need rescue. Often, people that intervene are unaware of what to do or whom to call for help. Unfortunately, even with best intentions, wrong actions may take place and any delay or improper response could prove fatal for the orphan in need. The Elephant Sanctuary will be a beacon for such assistance, giving guidance while we respond to safely transport the calf. Also, our partnership with the Department of Wildlife & National Parks,  also means that anyone reaching out to them for support results in the Department calling EWB for assistance. EWB day office 625-0202, cells 71577358, 76658212


Education is essential for helping elephants and people live together. EWB has an ongoing community co-existence program working with the local communities and schools to foster environmental education through workshops and fun activities. The Elephant Sanctuary aims to help educate and inspire the people of Botswana and international visitors to become “elephant ambassadors” and to take action on behalf of elephants worldwide. Our programs have a keen focus on youth programs that stimulate interest in and further understanding of conservation. Visits to the Sanctuary and outreach programs to communities and schools are integral parts of our educational programs. If you would like to schedule a time to visit the orphans, please call our office at 625-0202 for an appointment. 


The care of the elephant orphans is largely dependent on the generosity of people like YOU! Every donation is gratefully received in improving the quality of life for Botswana's elephants. If you would like to support us, please Donate here or Contact us at +267 625-0202. Thank you!