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Pink Elephant

Written By: admin on March 20, 2009 One Comment

Baby pink elephant!
Friday, March 20th, 2009

pink elephant, copyright Mike Holding

Yes! Pink elephants do exist! If you haven’t read yet… the latest news that has hit the press and has roused interest around the World, is the highly unusual sighting of an adorable, little pink elephant in the Okavango Delta, here in Botswana! Full story http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7951331.stm

Baby Pink Elephant Botswana

Baby Pink Elephant Botswana

He was sighted and photographed by cameraman, Mike Holding of Afriscreen Films, amongst his family herd in very close proximity to where some of our more “famous” collared elephants, Mma Khama and Bontle, have known to roam. (Mma Khama was tracked in collaboration with the LoveEarth web site, in promotion of the BBC’s highly acclaimed “Planet Earth” series and “Earth”, the movie and Bontle is featured in our documentary film, “Elephants Without Borders”, in the USA titled: “Elephants-Breaking Boundaries”) See: http://www.elephantswithoutborders.org/film.php

There is very little known about albino elephants. It is more common and documented in Asian elephants, but there has been very few, rare sightings amongst African elephants, and those that have been reported seem to completely disappear. The fact that Mike Holding managed to secure some photographs is a bonus to the verification that they exist. But what becomes of them?… no one knows. We hope we can manage to fill this information gap.

At this time of year, despite the heavy rainfalls we receive, the Delta is still waiting for the floods to come and fill its waterways from the northern regions of Angola, which makes the area virtually impossible to navigate. But before, that happens, we hope to possibly monitor this calf’s maternal herd, in order for us to follow their movements and his survival! Now… that would be something! To find out more about how we track, click on: EWB Tracking page www.elephantswithoutborders.org/tracking.php

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