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Earth Day

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This morning I woke up particularly early. I couldn’t sleep anymore, as the wind was unusually strong, causing large branches to scrape along the metal of the roof. Every morning as I open up the house, I walk carefully watching to not step on whatever little insect critters which had decided to plague the house through the night. I slowly open the curtains, giving the small geckos and lizards ample time to scramble to safety behind photos or light fixtures and then open the front doors to be greeted by the faithful mutts, which had been barking all night at the wildlife outside the
fence. The crispness of the breeze made the dogs exceptionally sprite today, playing on the veranda as if they were all young pups. Looking over the yard, the sun was lighting up the dew in the fields and the birds were beginning to gather in the Acacia thorn trees above. I could hear the grunts of hippos and cackle of Guinea fowl down by the river.

Butterflies on elephant dung

Butterflies on elephant dung

Hundreds  of butterflies  were fluttering  about and I wondered if they were the result of the hairy caterpillar infestation, which gave me itches for 2 solid months. It is a good time of day. When I turned on the TV, the news was inundated with promotions and festivities to promote Earth Day! and I thought to myself… of course, that’s Wonderful! but shouldn’t every day be Earth Day!?!

Later walking down to the office, Mike came across a frog. He claimed it was a “Kalahari Bull frog”… and knowing Mike deplores frogs of all kinds and that particular species is not supposed to be in our region, I had my doubts. Yes, we have many frogs around… Foam-nest frogs, Bubbling Cassinas, Reed frogs, Banded-rubber frogs, and many species of toads that mill about under the lights at night, but had never seen an African bull here, Doo helped me follow its tracks into the high grass and sure enough, there he was. This was a sign!

Considering this unusual sighting and knowing these “bulls” could live up to 45 years, I was concerned that the dogs who are not favorable to amphibians or reptiles, would find him this morning play toy. I quickly snatched him up into a bucket to take him down to the river. Outside the gate, Doo and I followed the footprints and droppings of a whole family herd of elephants that had used our little “corridor” down to the river last night. Listening to the cries of a pair of Trumpeter Horn Bills above, I thought to myself how lucky I was to live so close to nature. When I opened and tilted the bucket, the frog must’ve been thinking how lucky he was to get away from man!

Earth day Bullfrog

Earth day Bullfrog

I realize living close to nature is not simply enough to ensure it’s existence, and not everybody can, nor do they concern themselves to. But, what we do and how we decide to take care of “nature” is a reflection of our own existence..,, simply we could not exist without it…. clean water, clean air, productive soil… and most importantly what about our spirit! I could not imagine a world without sharing it with other creatures, experiencing and seeing the beauty of this “circle of life”, swimming in crisp, clean waters or breathing in the fresh smell of the morning grasses! (enjoy photos at: http://www.elephantswithoutborders.org/photo_gallery.php)

I guess living where I do and choosing the career that I am in, makes it much easier for me to understand these ideals than alot of people have the opportunity to. (see; http://www.elephantswithoutborders.org/index.php)  But being so close to nature, having a wholesome lifestyle, also makes me realize how everyday, simple small tasks and the choices we make do help tremendously…. they make a huge difference! I know that we shouldn’t have to preach the right choices, as it is almost instinctive, we know what the right choices are to keep ourselves, our planet and environment healthy to survive… or have we lost that part of us already? I tend to be optimisitc and believe not. I believe it is never too late to begin, open our eyes and make the change, because the reality is that every day IS.,… “Earth Day!!!”

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