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Written By: admin on January 4, 2010 No Comment
New Year’s day in Chobe National Park

Nothing seems better than to relax by taking a casual drive through Chobe National Park… lush and full of vitality, glistening from the combination of rain’s dew and the sun’s rays peeking from building, bellowing clouds…

Written By: admin on October 31, 2009 4 Comments
Goodbye wishes to Elephant Ambassadors…

This season, we were quite busy and took collars off eleven elephants and deployed eight others, in a wide-variety of areas, thus far!

Written By: admin on August 4, 2009 4 Comments
Elephants mourn the loss of a young bull

whole herds of elephants surrounded, circled and examined the body… one can almost understand the sorrow and anguish they look to be feeling.

Written By: admin on July 16, 2009 No Comment
Elephants get “cozy” in the Winter

Most people think of Springtime as the time for “love”, but perhaps for some wildlife, it is the crisp chill of Winter that arouses the desire to warm up and get cozy… the chances of potentially witnessing a mating with one of our collared elephants was unbelievable

Written By: admin on April 17, 2009 No Comment
Here comes the flood!

The river rose 2 meters in one day! We are experiencing surges of flood waters, which have been recorded as the worst since 1965,,. and we are receiving warnings that a second, higher surge is yet to come!

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