Boots on the Ground podcast

Boots on the Ground podcast main aim is to amplify voices for conservation one conversation at a time. With climate change affecting millions of livelihoods in Africa and threatening its natural heritage, this is indeed the time to spread the much needed awareness on why we need to conserve and fight for the rights of nature. We cannot sit and watch our future and that of our children and their children wash away. Everyone has a role to play. Our own little thing is sharing stories of hope and positive change.

The host, Dibblex Lesalon is the creative lead of this podcast and a Kenyan fellow of the Inaugural African Conversation Voices media labs co-created by African Wildlife Foundation and Jackson Wild. His goal is to advocate and share stories of exceptional men and women on the ground who are putting their hands in the mud to ensure that our biodiversity is secure for both current and future generations.

Listen in as Dibblex interviews Dr. Tempe Adams and Izzy Mwezi discussing EWB’s role in elephant conservation in southern Africa and our approach with viable solutions for addressing the human-elephant interface in Botswana, coexistence, conflict mitigations and EWB’s successful Side-by-Side program.

Tune in to listen!

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