GEC Results in the NEWS

The results of the Great Elephant Census are out and had a far reaching arm throughout the international media. We are grateful to all the writers, correspondents, editors and publishers that showed interest to share this news, in hopes that the messages will stimulate interest and support to help the cause and plight of the African elephant. These are some of the links we managed to collect and share with you:

CNN story with correspondent David McKenzie:

CNN’s Amanpour with Sir David Attenborough:


BBC Why Elephants are seeking refuge in Botswana (3 videos):

Daily Maverick, Don Pinnock:

News24/Traveller, Adam Cruise:

National Geographic, Paul Steyn:

Seattle Times, Sandi Doughton

The Two way, International breaking news from NPR, Rebecca Hersher:

Popular Science, Kate Baggaley:

Huffington Post, Michael McLaughlin:

Washington Post, Kevin Sieff: 

Geek Wire, Alan Boyle:

Washington Post, Caleb Jones

Daily Mail, Victoria Finan

Independent, Ian Johnston

The Guardian, Jessica Aldred

Mashable, Katie Dupere

Harare 24, Don Pinnock:

Swara, the voice of conservation in East Africa:

New York Times, Niraj Chokshi and Jeffrey Gettleman:


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