Foster a Forest in Chobe w Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Elephants Without Borders is very proud to have welcomed HRH, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who joined our team, students, teachers and youth from every learning institution in Chobe District to take part in “Fostering a Forest”, planting hundreds of trees along the banks of the Chobe River, reforesting the site to create a nature and cultural park for the community. The date was fitting for us to all embrace Botswana’s Independence Day and cheer “Pula, pula, pula!” not only in celebration, but also in hopes that rain would soon come. It was an honor for all to have the Duke’s presence, showing his support for conservation and especially to environmental education of Chobe’s next generation.

We are grateful that Matt Owen Director of Cool Earth, the events partner organization, could also join us, along with representatives from our collaborative partners from Chobe District Regional Education office, the Department of Wildlife & National Parks and Department of Forestry & Range Resources and honored to have Kazangula’s Kgosi Makwanda and District Commissioner S. Makgosa take part.

The event was a great success and sincerely appreciate all those that supported and assisted. Thank you to all!: The BNYC volunteers and Chobe Scouts were brilliant in their roles and responsibilities; Camp Kuzuma Kids club, Big Sam Hubber and Matthews Zambo for all the bus transfers for the students and teachers; John Chase and his team who worked tirelessly for weeks to prepare the site; Joy Olorato Khupe for volunteering to be the Master of Ceremony; Kasane Spar for donations of snacks and drinks; Pat Mwezi for brilliant t-shirt design; tent provided by Owen Chase; sound system from Mr. Petrus; and, Mark from Pumpco.

Every “gardener” planted a wish within the roots of their tree. There is something very powerful growing within the Chobe soil and hope that this event is only the beginning of a brighter future for the environmental program and that we will see the forest prosper and the wishes of budding conservationists come true!

Pandamatenga traditional dance group welcomes HRH and EWB’s Dr. Chase. photo DLipinski: AP

Students ready and eager to plant their trees!

Joy Olorato Khupe, our “joyous” MC

BNYC volunteers did a great job assisting, distributing snacks and drinks!

Providence Mwezi led everyone in “clean air” breathing exercises to get us on our feet

Chobe Scouts led the Duke to plant a special baobab together

a quick salute and encouraging words

One, two, three, Lift!

An iconic Baobab to now prosper!

Chobe Scouts, HRH, Matt (CoolEarth) Mike (EWB)

EWB’s KB teaching how to plant

Praying and planting his wish with his tree

Planting together

Every child can now watch and visit their tree as it grows

The Duke helped many children with their trees

EWB’s Roxane with a few new friends

The Duke and Kgosi planted a tree together

Sharing a laugh, too

water cans from recycled milk tins from the elephant orphanage

Compost for the trees was enriched by elephant dung from the ele orphans

Just one tree connects you to the earth

Your tree will grow at lesat this high!

A big, warm hug!

Mr. Peters gave us closing remarks

Every student received a certificate of appreciation!

Last minutes goodbye chat

ending in a joyful “rain” dance to bring on PULA!

Our future conservationists

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